Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015

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A century later, the bitter 'Chinatown' water feud ebbs

The stealing of the Owens Valley water was the inspiration for the movie "Chinatown." WIKIMEDIA


New York Times

In what may be the most startling development yet, the end of one of the great water battles in the West appears at hand: Instead of flooding the Owens Lake bed with nearly 25 billion gallons of Los Angeles water every year to hold the dust in place, engineers have begun to methodically till about 50 square miles of the lake bed, which will serve as the primary weapon to control dust in the valley.


The value of Colorado River in dollars and cents

KPBS San Diego

A new report released earlier this month confirms California's dependence on the Colorado River. The study's authors estimate that the river is responsible for generating $1.4 trillion in economic activity, $800 billion in wages and 16 million jobs. Estimates are that Southern California would see a 55 percent to 60 percent drop in economic activity if the Colorado River ran out of water.


Oil fields may water farms, pending a field test

Central Valley Business Times

Oil companies might have yet another revenue stream — water — if field testing by a Los Angeles company of its equipment yields the right proof of concept. OriginOil is using its "Electro Water Separation" equipment to clean up water from oil drilling operations so it can be used for steam injection and as irrigation water.

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