Monday, Jan. 20, 2020

Time’s up

Groundwater sustainability plans deadline approaches

A groundwater pump operates in Kern County. CRAIG MILLER / KQED San Francisco


KQED San Francisco

The landmark Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires some of the state's thirstiest areas to form local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and submit long-term plans by Jan. 31 for keeping aquifers healthy. It's a major shift and arguably the most important new California water law in 50 years. Here are some key things to know about the groundwater situation in California and how the law will impact the state.


Climate creates waste management challenges

Monterey Herald

Marina residents can expect a temporary reprieve from rising garbage fees brought on by new state regulations, but officials say waste management is undergoing dramatic changes that will eventually drive up prices. State Assembly Bill 1594 came into effect Jan. 1, stipulating that organics can no longer be used as cover in landfills, a more common practice in other parts of the state.


When nature needs a little TLC, ‘kelp lady’ helps

Forbes Magazine

Nancy Caruso inspired an army of ocean lovers to get inspired to restore ocean ecosystems. She and her team of volunteers rebuilt a decimated kelp forest in Orange County from the ground up, and they’re not stopping there. Caruso attributes her success to the volunteers who have brought life to her vision.