Friday, Jan. 20, 2017

Shifting goals

State grapples with pivot from drought to water strategy

Wet weather has pushed Northern California out of drought conditions, and rains have been improving the water outlook in Southern California as well. PALM SPRINGS DESERT SUN

Desert Sun

Palm Springs Desert Sun

With storms drenching much of California and snow blanketing the Sierra, the state's top water regulators are grappling with how to shift from conservation rules devised during more than five years of drought to a long-term strategy for using water sustainably. The state water board plans to decide in February whether to extend the current drought regulations, which are set to expire at the end of next month.


Wasted opportunity? Dam release upsets farmers

KOVR Sacramento

It's a powerful picture: All the gates up at the Nimbus Dam, sending stored water gushing downstream. The released water won't be part of California's drought solution. "A wasted opportunity," California Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger said. More reservoirs should be built to store more stormwater when we do get it, he said.


Study questions Stanislaus releases for salmon

Modesto Bee

A new study concludes that salmon have not benefited much from autumn water releases into the lower Stanislaus River. The "pulse flows" are done on San Joaquin River tributaries with the aim of getting adult salmon to spawning areas after a few years in the Pacific Ocean. They are not directly related to the state proposal to boost flows even more to help the young fish out to sea.