Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016

Keeping tabs

California adopts rules for tracking water diversions

The emergency regulations put in place measures in Senate Bill 88, which was passed last year. STATE WATER BOARD

State Water Board

Palm Springs Desert Sun

California water regulators on Tuesday approved new rules aimed at improving how the state tracks diversions of surface water. The regulations adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board require all those who divert water from rivers and streams to measure and report how much they use annually. The regulations apply to thousands of holders of water rights across the state, from farmers to water agencies.


Runoff floods Modesto orchard to restore aquifer

San Jose Mercury News & Modesto Bee

In an effort to restore California's desperately depleted ancient aquifers, scientists are testing an approach that seizes surplus winter rain and delivers it to where it's most useful: idle farms and fields. Tuesday, water from storm drains in Modesto flooded an almond orchard, where UC Davis researchers will track its progress as it slowly percolates into a 45-foot-deep underground reservoir.


9 Californians who play key roles in water policy

E&E Publishing

After four years of a crushing drought, Californians are hoping El Niño storms bring relief this winter. Many experts caution that the state's water deficit is too severe to be resolved in one rainy year. Check out nine key players who stand poised to have a significant influence on California water this year.

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