Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

Drought reigns

State opts to keep modest conservation rules, for now

Swinging Bridge led to a trail which is now covered with water from the Merced River. MICHAEL MACOR / San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

Mercury News & San Francisco Chronicle

Despite drenching rains and heavy snowfall this winter, California moved Tuesday to keep in place its statewide water conservation rules — at least for another three months or so, when they can be re-evaluated after the winter rainy season is over. The rain and snow have helped many suppliers rebound from water shortages, prompting calls to let the emergency regulations expire.


Sacramento board declares a state of emergency

Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors proclaimed a local state of emergency effective for 30 days on Tuesday in response to a spate of winter storms this month. Parts of Wilton, Point Pleasant and areas near the Mokelumne River, Grizzly Slough and Snodgrass Slough are flooded.


Wells dumping oilfield wastewater ordered to close

San Francisco Chronicle & KQED San Francisco

About 475 wells that oil companies have used to dispose of wastewater from drilling operations must shut down by Feb. 15, as state regulators move to protect aquifers that were supposed to be shielded by federal law. The state, however, will miss a deadline to shut down 1,650 other wastewater wells operated by oil companies.