Monday, Jan. 16, 2017

The next wave

After a 'pretty extraordinary' snowfall, Sierra Nevada braces for another battering from atmospheric river

The recent storm dropped large amounts of snow along Ski Run Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. GARY CORONADO / Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times

Los Angeles Times

Across the Sierra Nevada this weekend, residents and officials are assessing the damage from a series of powerful storms before a new round from the atmospheric river arrives this week. Last week's storms cut off mountain passes and contributed to at least four deaths, and forecasters say there's no sign of a prolonged dry spell anytime soon. The next storm is expected by Wednesday.


Limited surface water for groundwater recharge

Association of California Water Agencies

The California Department of Water Resources has released a draft of a highly anticipated report that underscores the need for investment in new water infrastructure and innovative strategies to help bring local groundwater basins into balance under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.


A wild ride awaits for water issues under Trump

Water Deeply

Like his vow to build a border wall, President-elect Donald Trump's promises around water issues will be difficult to fulfill. The path could be disruptive for water agencies and the environment. Trump has said he wants to invest in treatment systems to prevent problems caused by aging distribution lines. Paradoxically, he also has vowed to slash Clean Water Act regulations.