Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016

Canal fix

Crews repairing leak in California Aqueduct near Taft

A stretch of the aqueduct was isolated and diverted into another section after the concrete liner of the canal was damaged. KGET Bakersfield


KGET Bakersfield & KFSN Fresno

State water authorities have diverted a corridor of the California Aqueduct to repair a leak discovered Jan. 2 near Taft. The break temporarily halted the flow of water in the canal that supplies millions of Southern California residents, but there's no concern that taps will run dry, officials said Wednesday. Reservoirs below the break hold enough water to supply customers until a work crew repairs the damaged canal lining.


An early lesson of latest El Niño: Catch that water

Orange County Register

El Niño-driven rainstorms can be captured for precious water resources, or they can create millions of dollars of damage to cities, businesses and homeowners. It just depends on timing. With little rain forecast for another week, water managers probably will be able to capture most of the water stored behind Prado Dam.


Modesto confab looks at stretching water supply

Modesto Bee

Israel gets about a third of its irrigation water from sewage-treatment plants and has not had major problems, experts said at a Modesto gathering that explored how to stretch California's supplies. The U.S. Department of Agriculture held a conference Tuesday and Wednesday on water conservation and reuse. Resource managers, academics and other people heard from researchers from Israel and Australia, both of which dealt with limited water sources

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