Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015

Water, Act 2

Congress gets another California water bill to consider

H.R. 291,"W21: Water in the 21st Century" was introduced by House Democrats. WIKIMEDIA


Central Valley Business Times

If they didn't quite get it the first time, now members of Congress are getting another chance to consider ways for the federal government to regulate water in California. It's a repeat of legislation sponsored by Democrats that failed when Republicans controlled only the House. Meanwhile, Republicans may reintroduce a different measure that the House passed shortly before Christmas.


In poorest towns, tap water's legacy can be toxic

The Atlantic / City Lab

Correct or not, perceptions of tap water as unsafe lead many poor immigrant families to make expensive and unhealthy choices. A recent policy brief from U.C. Davis' Center for Poverty Research shows how negative beliefs about the safety and quality of tap water, especially among Latinos, is linked to higher consumption of sugary beverages — key culprits in obesity.


10 young leaders who are shaping West's future

High Country News

The West is a dynamic region: Rainfall patterns are shifting, energy production is evolving, species are disappearing. Responding to challenges will require fresh ideas and innovative thinkers. Meet 10 young leaders who are helping the West face its uncertain future.

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