Friday, Jan. 13, 2017

Dry shift

As North mops up, call it the So. California drought now

U.S. Drought Monitor

Los Angeles Times

A week of powerful storms has significantly eased the state’s water shortage, pulling nearly all of Northern California out of drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. But in Los Angeles and Orange counties, along with much of Central California, are locked in what officials classify as “extreme drought” — or worse. Chunks of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties remain in “exceptional drought.”


Delta levees laboring hard in storm's aftermath

Stockton Record

You could practically hear 1,100 miles of Delta levees groaning on Thursday as they fought to hold back a thick slug of water still making its way toward San Francisco Bay after this week's storms. Flows through the estuary were even higher than the day before. Every minute, enough water coursed into the Delta to supply a small town for a year.


California leads charge to combat climate change

Lake Tahoe News

Everybody talks about the weather. And few can accurately analyze it — especially when we speak of the climate. But that's just what many tried to do Thursday morning as Operation Sierra Storm wrapped up amid an unprecedented series of storms that knocked out power, closed roads and buried residents with water and snow.