Friday, Jan. 12, 2018

'Very little supply'

Storm badly damages Montecito district’s water system

Crews examine storm damage to the Montecito Water District’s “highline” distribution water main. NICK TURNER / Montecito Water District

Montecito Water

San Luis Obispo Tribune

The storm that hammered southern Santa Barbara County early Tuesday damaged the Montecito Water District’s distribution system and drained its storage reservoirs, while compromising the South Coast Conduit that connects the area to Lake Cachuma. During the storm, the “highline” water main was taken out at a majority of creek crossings, and then all the reservoirs emptied.


What a changing climate means for infrastructure

KPCC Pasadena

The fires and rains in Southern California have led to mudslides, debris flows and rock falls along the Santa Barbara County coast. With extreme weather becoming the norm in California, a Stanford University earth science professor discusses the state's infrastructure and its level of preparedness for natural disasters.


California's water saving brings bonus effects

Water-saving measures to cut water use by 25 percent across California have also led to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption in the state. That's the conclusion of new research at UC Davis, published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters.