Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016

Catch & save

Agencies work to capture and store El Niño stormwater

A major source of water for the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District is Seven Oaks Dam, which is located on the Santa Ana River 4 miles northeast of Redlands.

The Sun

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Much of the rain that fell on Southern California last week flowed to the Pacific Ocean, but a good amount was captured by local water agencies to help replenish the region's local water supply. With California entering what may be its fifth year of drought, water agencies are moving to capture and store more.


Storms, tides, El Niño reshape Monterey beaches

Monterey Herald

Just as big waves wash away sand castles, El Niño threatens to transform Monterey County beaches and coastlines. This year, abnormally large storms and big tides could damage roads, hiking trails, water lines, sewage systems or even homes close to the coast.


Freshwater vulnerability: A growing global threat

Stanford University

Many nations and regions already facing uncertain political futures must contend with a growing threat to stabilization: freshwater vulnerability. The finding comes from a new study co-authored by researchers in Stanford's Global Freshwater Initiative.

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