Friday, Jan. 8, 2016

Spending boosts

Gov. Brown's fiscal 2016 budget includes $323 million for drought, aid for Salton Sea and natural disasters

The budget also proposes putting $2 billion into the state's Rainy Day Fund, boosting it to 65% of its constitutional target. ACWA


ACWA, Palm Springs Desert Sun & Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a proposed 2016–17 budget Thursday that would direct $323 million for emergency drought response. Brown also asked the Legislature for $719 million to pay for the costs of wildfire and other impacts of the drought (spending more on fighting wildfires than the state has in more than a decade) and another $80 million to aid the Salton Sea.


Lawmaker wants to hit water hogs in checkbook

San Jose Mercury News

A California lawmaker is dramatically raising the stakes in water management, proposing fines that could reach thousands of dollars a day and public shaming of people who use too much. Legislation introduced this week would require the state's 411 urban water districts to set local limits on household water consumption during drought emergencies.


Santa Monica Bay habitats improve, report says

KPCC Los Angeles

Natural habitats in Santa Monica Bay have improved, a new report shows, although the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation says strides still need to be taken to revive the area's ecosystem. Another positive finding: Harmful bacteria found on beaches has been reduced, making the water at the beach safer for everybody.

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