Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016

El Agua

Farmers try political force to open taps in the drought

Few in agriculture have shaped the debate over water more than the several hundred owners of an arid finger of farmland west of Fresno. NEW YORK TIMES

N.Y. Times

New York Times

California's historic drought has not merely left farmland idle, it has destroyed Latino farmworkers' jobs, shuttered Latino businesses and thrown Latino families on the street. Yet Congress has turned a deaf ear to their pleas for more water to revive farming and farm labor. So Latinos created a new organization, and they're sending a warning that politicians cannot ignore.


State water board adopts stormwater strategy

Association of California Water Agencies

Wednesday, the State Water Resources Control Board today adopted a statewide stormwater strategy that seeks to advance stormwater management in California as a water resource. The new strategy promotes the value of stormwater for multiple benefits, such as groundwater replenishment and habitat improvement.


Does public trust doctrine apply to groundwater?

Best Best & Krieger LLP

The California appellate courts will soon be called on to decide an important and novel issue of state water law: whether the public trust doctrine applies to groundwater. The courts, however, have never faced or decided the question whether the public trust doctrine applies to groundwater.

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