Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015

Halfway there

State boosts conservation, but still far short of goal

Who saved the most water? BAY AREA NEWS GROUP

Bay Area News Group

San Jose Mercury News

After two months in a row of declining conservation, Californians are doing better at saving water, but they remain far short of a goal set by Gov. Jerry Brown a year ago. Statewide, residents cut water use by 9.8 percent in November, compared with November 2013, according to new figures released Tuesday. That's an improvement from October, when the reduction was only 6.8 percent.


EPA chief: Valley's poor towns need public help

Fresno Bee

As technology makes engines and water systems more efficient, people will save money and help the economy grow, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Tuesday during a visit to Fresno. But she added that public dollars are needed to bring the same benefits to low-income communities that can't pay for new water facilities or cleaner-running vehicles.


Drought watch: Managing, learning from scarcity

Public Policy Institute of California

As unpleasant as droughts are, they offer an opportunity to assess how well prepared California is for managing its water resources. PPIC will hold a half-day conference Monday in Sacramento that focuses on current drought conditions and how Australia managed an unprecedented 13-year drought.

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