Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Bold energy plan

Brown seeks new green regulations in historic 4th term

Gov. Jerry Brown takes the oath of office for the fourth and final time. RANDY PENCH/Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Los Angeles Times

In an inaugural address drawing on his family's deep roots in California, Gov. Jerry Brown called for expansive new environmental regulations Monday that would protect the state for future generations. The governor also pledged not to stray from promises he has made to strengthen California's finances, invest in the $68 billion high-speed rail system and major water infrastructure projects.


Legislators see common ground in new agenda

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

Expect North Coast lawmakers to do what they can to further much of Gov. Jerry Brown's agenda. Brown's emphasis on climate change and renewable energy, education, retiree benefits and the state's abysmal highway and road system hit at the sweet spot of North Coast politics. But as always, the details matter.


Tunnel critics urge new water solution from Brown

Independent Media Center

Gov. Brown didn't specifically mention the peripheral tunnels during his inauguration Monday, but he did tout the water bond and California Water Action Plan as "solutions" to the state's water problems. Tunnel opponents called on Brown to inaugurate a new, sustainable water solution, and abandon the BDCP tunnels.

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