Monday, Jan. 5, 2015

More snow, less water

Sierra Nevada snowpack levels greater than a year ago

A crew with the California Department of Water Resources measures the snowpack in the Sierra. KPIX San Francisco

KPIX San Francisco

Los Angeles Times

Measurements of Sierra Nevada snowpack last Tuesday showed more snow than surveyors recorded a year ago. But state water officials said it was far from enough to signal a potential end to the continuing drought. Manual readings of about 33 percent of average were less than the 50 percent of normal that electronic readings had generated.


2015: Trends impacting municipalities, customers

Water Technology

During the past year, municipalities have faced a variety of water-related challenges. Many cities will begin generating their own "New Year's resolutions" in hopes of overcoming these hurdles as they continue to impact the water profession, including municipalities, dealers and end users.


2015: States react to new era of water scarcity

Circle of Blue

More than a dozen states discussed or submitted new water plans in 2014. A series of severe droughts is the frontline reality of a hotter, drier era that is forcing state leaders to take stock of their water assets and reevaluate laws, regulations and investment strategies.

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