Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

Complex process

Delta tunnels fight changes venue; critical year ahead

A water intake for the proposed Delta twin tunnels is planned for this spot on the Sacramento River just north of the town of Hood. CLIFFORD OTO / Stockton Record

Stockton Record

Stockton Record

Ten years after the first seeds were planted for the proposed twin tunnels, the battle shifts to a new arena in 2016 — a critical year for the project. A small state agency will soon begin the daunting process of deciding whether to change the water rights for state and federal water projects, allowing them to divert some water from the Sacramento River and bypass the Delta for the first time.


Lawmakers look Down Under to get over drought

San Francisco Chronicle

Don't be surprised to see a flurry of new legislative proposals in 2016 that push toilet water recycling, rooftop water tanks and underground systems to filter sewer sludge for field irrigation in California. Call it the Australian plan. But just how much of the Australian way can be adapted to California is an open question.


Controversial sale of Delta islands hits a hurdle

Sacramento Bee

A controversial plan that would put Southern California's most powerful water agency in control of a group of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta islands has run into a potentially significant hurdle. The proposed land purchase has hit a snag in the form of pre-existing legal restrictions that govern how the islands are treated.

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