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Since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed a few days ago, the various water sector organizations (WEF, NACWA, AWWA, AMWA and others) have been hustling to keep their members informed as to how stimulus funds will be awarded and administered. I'll post information from those organizations when it becomes publicly available. In the meantime, here are some of the key issues that are being worked on:

• EPA is developing a guidance document to the states that will explain how it will handle funding from the ARRA; that guidance should be issued within the next few days.

• The states, in turn, will need to update their intended use plans, which will identify projects and each state's approach to setting priorities.

• ARRA has "buy American" provisions that require funds for construction to use iron, steel and manufactured goods that are produced in the United States, unless a waiver is provided by EPA. There are details to be worked out regarding how this provision will be administered.

• Fast job creation is a critical issue. Although the legislation indicates that funds must be committed within 12 months, there will likely be intermediate goals to get projects started sooner.

• Documentation of the number and type of jobs created will be monitored closely.

• The definition of eligible projects to be included under green infrastructure is being detailed and early indications are there will be a broad view of what will be allowed under this provision.

The House and Senate have agreed on a final $789 billion economic recovery package that includes significant funding for clean water infrastructure. Back-up information that is beginning to circulate indicates that a total of $6 billion is included for clean water and drinking water infrastructure. In addition, $1.38 billion will go to USDA for rural water and wastewater assistance.

Some of the details that are important to water utilities include:

• Priority will be given to projects that are ready to go within 12 months.

• At least 50% of the funding would be in the form of grants or grant equivalence.

• Up to 20% is designated for green infrastructure and energy conservation.

This level of funding is an important first step in what the water industry hopes will be long-term sustainable funding for water infrastructure.

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